On the Long & Short of Natural Hair…


Hi I’m Elise.

I started this blog because since going natural in July 2008 – 7 years ago – I have learned a lot about my hair and I’ve been asked A LOT of questions. Recently in February 2015, I cut off a lot of my natural hair (for the 3rd time) and so the questions have only increased. (i.e. WHY DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!!)

Here my answers will be able to be found in 1 place.

I will be posting videos, pics, updates, tips, tutorials and hopefully you will feel moved to share your story, too.

Coifs and Plaits is not just  about hair.
It’s about confidence.

When you first saw the name “Coifs and Plaits” you probably weren’t sure what the name meant. You might have been afraid of sounding silly sounding it out. When you found out how to pronounce it, (kwafs and plats), and that it means intricate hair arrangements and braids – it probably made more sense and maybe you could appreciate it more.
Understanding your own natural hair, how to keep it healthy and how to be confident rocking it is similar. At first you may feel like it’s something completely new. Trying to learn to care for it and style it may be awkward. You may be scared for others to see you as you try your new look. The more that you understand about your own hair, you will begin to gain more and more confidence. I’m here to help.I have learned a lot through research and  my own “natural hair journey” that started when I turned 16, July 2008. I can offer information on:


I also write a blog for my Etsy Shop, Pieces of Elise’s – where I sell drawings featuring natural hair.

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