3 Natural Ladies That Inspire Me

In February I cut my natural hair short after growing it out for 5 years.

It was a big change, and in some ways I feel like it’s back to square one again. It’s exciting and a bit overwhelming sometimes. It’s nice to search the web for hair inspiration – ladies who have (or had) my length of hair and seeing the way they wear it.

1. Solange Knowles


Image from stylebistro.com

I think of Solange on days when I just want to go with the flow and give my hair the freedom to do it’s own thing. She rocks her hair in a fun fro and wears playful, colorful outfits that give her a unique look.

2. Corinne Bailey Rae


Image from last.fm

Of course Corinne’s hair has grown out a lot since the photo above, but I really liked her short look. She has a looser curl pattern than I do, but to imitate this look I can do a twist out to stretch my hair.

3. Taren Guy aka Taren916


Image from heartnaturals

I like the shape of Taren’s short cut (also grown out) and I like that she added some color. I’m not sure if dye is for me, but I do have hair chalk for the days that I want to liven things up.

Who inspires you? Please share in the comment section below!


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