3 Reasons Green Tea Is Your Friend

Do you drink green tea? I used to only drink tea whenever I was sick and trying to clear the gunk out of my throat. Recently, though, my view has changed because I hear so many good things about the stuff.

1. Green Tea can help you be slim and trim

Woman Sitting with Tea Cup

Image from Corbis

According to a study in Japan, men and women were given green tea extracts for 3 months, and the ones given the highest amount saw a decrease in their weight, fat, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

2. Green Tea helps you stay hydrated


Image from Blackhealthmatters.com

Yes, even the caffeinated kind, is hydrating. That’s good news for us perpetually dehydrated Americans (especially the ones who can’t stand drinking water)!

3. Green Tea gets rid of dandruff


Image from Curly-Natural-Me

Now maybe you don’t care about hydration or your weight – but nobody likes dandruff! Boil some green tea up and massage on into your scalp after you wash your hair and let it set for an hour. Then wash that dandruff away!

So if you haven’t already – try green tea some time. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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