How Do You Say That?

Wondering what coifs and plaits are? And how do you pronounce that?


verb |kwäf; koif| ( coiffed, coiffing; also coifed , coifing )

[ trans.]style or arrange (someone’s hair), typically in an elaborate way : [as adj.] ( coiffed) her elaborately coiffed hair.• style or arrange the hair of (someone)

: she was sent to Paris to begroomed and coiffed.ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French coife ‘headdress,’ from late Latin cofia ‘helmet.’


|plāt; plat|noun

a single length of hair or other flexible material made up of three or more interlaced strands; a braid.

The name coifs and plaits was my mom’s idea, but I think if fits because to me it sounds elegant – just like natural hair!


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